I, Steven

What a wakeup call the movie I, Tonya was for me personally it only further exaggerated what I said in my previous post, those closest to you have the most potential to tear you down. Tonya often blamed others for mistakes she knowingly made, she lost her career and her reputation all within a span of a few months over a boy, a boy that led her down a path of deceit and lies. There is a scene in the movie after all the events have transpired and Tonya (Played by Margot Robbie) sits down in front of her vanity visibly having a mental breakdown, applying heavy blush to her cheeks with tears rolling down her face and a perfect smile grimacing cheek to cheek, where you just feel for her, you ask the questions “what if I was raised like this?” raised by a mother who allegedly beat tonya daily and constantly belittled her and her talent,  and you try to put yourself in their shoes out of empathy and it’s too overwhelming to even process.

I’ll admit being of a younger generation I had no idea who Tonya Harding was or even what she did going into this movie, it sounded so unreal to be true and although a lot of the movie was comedic you still got a sense of darkness in the background, I was not raised like Tonya, I was raised by loving parents who didn’t beat or psychologically damage their children, although my parents didn’t always get along they made sure to always act like they did for my sister and I.

Tonya’s decisions in her life caused her to go down the path she did, redirecting fault as she went on, that is where Tonya and I split, I have owned up to my mistakes losing my job was entirely my fault, choosing to be sad and not doing anything about it is my fault, sure others can influence your mood but at the end of the day…no at the end of your life it’s YOU who decides your emotions no one else, so let me ask you this would you rather die sad/angry at the world, or die happy with a smile knowing you tried with every fiber in your being to be the most positive person you could possibly be. I don’t know about you but I would definitely pick the latter.

I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to go see I, Tonya as soon as they can! It’s in select theatres so make sure to check show times before heading out!

Good luck and be happy!

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