Real Friends

Real genuine friendship is something very hard to come by, Cassaundra and I have been best friends since the first grade, she is my rock and the first person I call when I need to cry and she listens without judgment every time. I often see people calling everyone they take a picture with their “Best” friend, see I have a decent amount of friends, but I’ve always said I would rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies, quality of quantity because eventually quantity will spread out and become non existent, I prefer to create lasting relationships with select few individuals than to have a new best friend every season of the year. Don’t get me wrong we’ve had our arguments but honestly we cant go more than two days without talking to each other no matter how mad we get, we are so close we swear we have a telepathic and empathetic connection, I have gone through the roughest time in my life so far this past year and she picked up the phone everyday for two months straight and just listened to me cry, she has reminded me that happiness is something that we create it is not something gifted to us, that we find happiness where we choose to find it.

I can honestly say she…saved me if I didn’t have Cassaundra I would 100% be dead right now found by my roommate on the bathroom floor, my friends knew what was going on but cassaundra I think was the only one who knew how truly bad it was, I owe her my life and she doesn’t even know it (well I guess she does now). The man who decided to swallow a bottle of pills, then decided to throw them up shortly after receiving a phone call from you just simply telling me about your day. I thank you.


Im still having my rough days, I still struggle but instead of succumbing to those struggles I look at them as inspiration, Inspiration to what the future holds because if I can make it past last year I am positive I can make it through whatever life I have left.

Be happy and good luck everyone!


-Steven Huether

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