Body Issues

No one has perfect self-esteem, I’m sorry you are absolutely psychotic if you believe you are perfection inside and out. Everyday is a constant struggle for myself I am 6’6 in height and i weight 245 pounds, since moving back home i’ve lost 25 pounds so I thought I would talk about the struggles of seeing yourself in the mirror and the thoughts that come with that.

The smallest I have ever been at my height was 180 pounds and here’s a picture for reference for that.



And the heaviest I was, was 300 pounds and here’s another reference photo.


Now in the process of just getting older with added stress and responsibility i am currently in the middle standing at 247 pounds. Here is a photo i took today:

blog pic revised

Because of all my weight fluctuation i have increased breast tissue and yes, stretch marks, yes I think I am overweight and if i had a nickel for every time I heard “it’s just your height.” I would be the richest man in the county. Trust me no one hates on my body than myself, though i’ve been working hard daily to transform it, it’s a struggle especially when food is my drug, when I get depressed or have had a rough day a $20 order at taco bell always makes me feel so much better.

Everyday I walk past this mirror we have in the living room and everyday my body looks better or worse, everyday is different to me, but i’ve realized something, great physical shape often starts with loving yourself, you won’t have the motivation to take care of yourself until you learn to not only love but respect yourself, so this is where my journey begins and I hope you all will be there with me to see me progress, and I can’t wait to retake this picture one year from now.



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